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Cacao Ceremony mit Elie Omeir

  • yoga grenzenlos Hauptstr. 10 8280 Kreuzlingen (map)

Welcome to the first Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Experience in Kreuzlingen.

This is a delightful gathering of beautiful souls that would like to connect deeper with their Intuition through sacred cacao , unique musical experience and dance.

While painters are working with colors, musicians are using chromatic scale and they speak about tones, shades and chords. Rhythms, notes and colors are frequencies with just a different speediness. Elie Ô is painting with sounds, his music is orange and blue, colors and frequencies linked to the 2nd and the 5th chakras. So it will be about creating and expressing (5th chakra) sensuality and pleasure (2nd chakra).

Through his conscious and intuitive music, Elie Ô is holding the space with his soulful soundscapes, raising bodies, spirits and minds in a very unique way, using voices recorded during his travels all around the world, electronic beats, blissful soundscapes and warm improvisations with his acoustic guitar, starting from scratch and building sound by sound, to create a unique soundtrack, an experience of surrendering to the feelings, a complete musical letting go for a deeper connection between souls and senses.

In the beginning, we come together in a circle to ground ourselves, connect and drink and enjoy the spirit of cacao.. Before a guided meditation, it’s time to set your intentions, and let go of the old.

Next comes the Dance part, where we are going to be guided to some Freestyle Dance Movements until we feel completely free to dance our own vibes, to dance the nature of our own existence. To feel, to embrace, to let go, to absorb, to be free. This beautiful dance will end up with sacred sound meditation, in our closing circle.

This whole journey is a journey through the Self to the Self, the core of our Existence. At the same time, it’s a journey outwards for connection, healing, sharing and creating. A connection with our body, voice and breath. A connection with our emotions and feelings. A heart opening will naturally happen where we all share peace, compassion, abundance and Love, the main substance of the whole Cosmos.This beautiful dance will end up with sacred sounds and blissful soundscapes for a sweet landing to a closing circle.

6.00 pm welcoming
6.30 pm gathering and cacao
6.45 pm intention, meditation with the Kinga
7.00 pm take off / beginning of the live music creation ecstatic experience
7.30 pm free movement expression, freestyle dance
8.30 pm landing slowly with sacred and blissful sounds
8.45 pm closing circle
9.00 pm ending


CHF 45.-


Anmeldungen via Um Deine Matte zu reservieren, bezahle den Workshop schon heute auf folgendes Konto: Thurgauer Kantonalbank Kreuzlingen, IBAN CH 48 0078 4295 4386 1200 5, Kontoinhaber Kinga Toth, Vermerk „Cacao Ceremony“.

Die Teilnehmerzahl ist beschränkt.

Wir bitten Dich, die Reservierungs- und Stornobedingungen der Workshops in unseren AGBs zu beachten.

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